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Download "Incarcerated" on iTunes.
Like other albums from Lil Boosie, “Incarcerated” dives deep into the troubled soul of a young star on the rise plagued by his past and living in a corrupted society. Many of the songs on this album were recorded in what Boosie considered his “Last Days”. With features from the entire Trill Entertainment roster, “Incarcerated” is reminiscent of unity that is a key ingredient of the success of the label and lays the foundation for the next level of music from Lil Boosie and the Trill Fam.
Download "Incarcerated" on iTunes.
On his debut mixtape, Black Card Yungin Lil Trill lyrically rips original beats as well as remixes some of his favorite tracks. Lil Trill tackles issues of hate, racial discrimination and then celebrates success, living the plush life and spits love notes to the ladies in a 19-track mixtape that's will be available for free download on www.liltrill.com
Download Trill Fam's album "All Or Nothing" on iTunes.
From the label that brought you Lil Boosie, Webbie and Foxx returns with their second label compilation album Trill Fam: All or Nothing. Trill Fam contains the hit singles "My People", "Turn the Beat Up" and introduces R&B newcomers Kim McCoy "I Miss U" and KaDe "The Secret" to the world. Songs from this album are also featured in the movie Ghetto Stories: The Movie.
Download Trill Fam's album "All Or Nothing" on iTunes.
Download Lil' Trills single "give you the world" on iTunes.
"Give You the World" is the debut single from Lil Trill, the youngest of the Trill Entertainment camp. The R&B infused record introduces Lil Trill's true lyrical ability all while letting his lady know what lies on the road ahead.
Download Lil' Trills single "give you the world" on iTunes.
Download Foxx's "Street Gossip" on iTunes.
With his 2007 debut on the Trill Entertainment label, Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based rapper Foxx (born Jonathan Reed) presents a bold set of smooth rhymes and hard-hitting Dirty Dirty beats. Highlights of STREET GOSSIP include the fierce "I Got ... Full DescriptionIt," the alcohol-loving "I Drank," and the synth-heavy "Ridin' on Dem Twanky Thangs."
Download Foxx's "Street Gossip" on iTunes.

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